Tetraploids are marked Tet.

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A Capella Another Pretty Face Aqua Whispers Banish Misfortun Berries and Cream
A Capella Sold Out (Dunlop 12) 26" ML Tetraploid ruffled light rose with large white signal area
Another Pretty Face $10.00 (Dunlop 09) 28" M-L Tetraploid blue violet infused with red violet ruffled petals
Aqua Whispers $6.00 (Miller 88) Lavender-pink with rose blush in throat; pale pink standards and pearl white styles
Banish Misfortune Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 99) Tall. Species form. S. & styles blue-lavender; F. yellow-cream ground heavily veined violet with sanded violet petal tips
Berries and Cream $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 08) Light yellow falls with blue veins; blue violet standards; near species form


Blackberry Jubilee Blaue Fuella Blueberry Brandy Blueberry Fair Blueberry Torte
Blackberry Jubilee $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 97) Light ground dappled red-violet, darker veins; pearl styles. Ruffled
Blaue Fuella $10.00 (Tamberg 10) 30" M Tetraploid dark navy blue purple with white signal area; ruffled
Blueberry Brandy $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 10) Dk blue violet self; wide segments, ruffled styles
Blueberry Fair $6.00 (Hollingworth 97) Tet. Wavy ruffled flared form; med-dark blue-violet falls with large white signals; lighter standards very ruffled; wide ruffled blue styles
Blueberry Torte $6.00 (Bauer/Coble NR) 32" ML multipetal blue violet self


Blushing Sapphira Blushing Violet Book Of Secrets Bundle of Joy Butterscotch Fizz
Blushing Sapphira $6.00 (Wendel 13) Tailored med blue with a reddish blush in center of falls
Blushing Violet $10.00 (Hollingworth 05) 35" VL Falls light blue with red violet edges; Standards darker blue violet
Book Of Secrets $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 00) Blend of chalky white and pale lavender makes a striking flower
Bundle Of Joy $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) Tet. 3 velvety burgundy falls with 6-9 rose' standards. Short, 24". Novelty
Butterscotch Fizz Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 13) Deep golden yellow falls with contrasting lighter standards


Cape Cod Boys Charming Billy Cheery Lyn Cherry Fling China Spring
Cape Cod Boys $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Large blue-violet flowers. Vigorous
Charming Billy $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 04) Red violet with pearly light blue styles, blue wash on falls
Cheery Lyn $8.00 (Miller 91) S. & F. bright pink-lavender; Falls have lighter rims. Styles white. Nice pink
Cherry Fling Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 13) 28" E-M Standards light violet, cream styles; Falls shades dark rust red; snall signal
China Spring $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) VE. Tall. Med blue with light blue standards and styles; 2-3 branches. From Springs Brook x typhifolia. Vigorous


Cold Frosty Morning Colorflash Concord Crush Contrast In Styles Coronation Anthem
Cold Frosty Morning $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 00) Clean white self with little signal showing
Colorflash $8.00 (Hollingworth 12) Bright blue violet with dark red streak running from center of gold blaze
Concord Crush $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 09) Tet. M-VL 12-15 petals of blue violet. Repeat bloom.
Contrast In Styles $6.00 (Hollingworth 89) Wine-red; lighter styles
Coronation Anthem $6.00 (Hollingworth 90) Tet. Ruffled med blue; dkr shadings; white blaze signal; lt blue styles.


Count The Ways Cream of Tomato Crimson Cloissone Curriers Dream Dance And Sing
Count The Ways $30.00 (Hollingworth 16) Tet tall (42") early. Light to mid blue with a white signal area
Cream Of Tomato Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 11) 23" E Standards light pink, styles light yellow, falls dark coral pink; yellow signal
Crimson Cloissone $10.00 (Aitken 05) Wine red with a white wire edge to the petals
Curriers Dream Sold Out (Dunlop 10) 24" M Tetraploid Standards and styles light yellow, falls darker yellow
Dance And Sing $14.00 (Schafer/Sacks 02) Light yellow stds; yellow styles; wide, ruffled light yellow falls, darker signal


Dance Party Dancing Mood Deep In My Heart Dirigo Black Knight Dirigo Black Velvet
Dance Party $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Light to dark red violet standards over white and blue falls
Dancing Mood $6.00 (Hollingworth 13) 31" ML Wide ruffled red violet, often reblooms
Deep In My Heart $40.00 (Hollingworth 17) 24" L Large flat overlapping petals broadly edged in red violet with a large white signal area
Dirigo Black Knight $8.00 (White 05) Dark falls have white wire rim, lilac standards make nice contrast
Dirigo Black Velvet $8.00 (White 99) Tet. 40". Very dark purple with gold signal. Good name!


Dirigo Indigo Dirigo Valiant Double Play Double Standards Elegance And Simplicity
Dirigo Indigo $6.00 (White 07) Tet. Deep indigo blue with nicely contrasting lighter standards
Dirigo Valiant $8.00 (White 03) Tet. Medium blue violet self; full form
Double Play Sold Out (Hollingworth 10) Multipetal white self
Double Standards $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) 9-12 petals. 3 blue-violet falls with 6+ lighter blue standards
Elegance And Simplicity $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 01) White with yellow center; tailored form


Emily Ann Encore Performance Ester C.D.M. First Frost Fishermans Morning
Emily Ann $10.00 (Hollingworth 02) Tet. Falls cream, speckled and edge blue violet, Stds bl-vi speckled white
Encore Performance $6.00 (Hollingworth 10) Mixture of red and blue violet, consistent rebloomer
Ester C.D.M. $10.00 (McGarvey 81) Very late, flaring white. Best of the upright, blue-green foliage types
First Frost $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 34" VE The first white siberian to bloom in our garden
Fishermans Morning $6.00 (Copeland 94) Rosy-violet with bluish blaze; lt blue styles with turquoise midribs


Fishermans Twilight Fond Kiss Forever Remembered Fresh Notes Frilly Vanilly
Fishermans Twilight $12.00 (Copeland 14) 3F. 20" M Red violet with blue around signal and blue style midribs
Fond Kiss Out (Schafer/Sacks 99) Tall stalks with large blooms.  Warm white with soft lavender-pink blush in the center
Forever Remembered $6.00 (Miller 04) Bright rose violet with blue infusion; modern form and nice upright blue-green foliage.
Fresh Notes Out (Schafer/Sacks 04) Ruffled dark blue with paler edges and standards
Frilly Vanilly $10.00 (Hollingworth 03) Vigorous; smaller, full form, ruffled white flowers


Frosted Cranberry Galadriel Ginger Twist Glow Of Happiness Great Falls Love
Frosted Cranberry $6.00 (Miller 91) Dark rose-pink; Falls have a few dark wine veins; styles are pearl rose
Galadriel Sold Out (Hollingworth 02) Pure white, full flat form; ruffled
Ginger Twist $12.00 (Schafer/Sacks 09) Lavender standards, ginger falls, speckles all over, pearly styles
Glow Of Happiness $10.00 (Miller 94) White S. Lite yellow to white falls
Great Falls Love Sold Out (Cole 07) Ruffled dark blue self with white signal blaze


Great Falls Wine Hail To The Chief Handsome Harry Having Fun Head Start
Great Falls Wine Sold Out (Cole 09) 30" E Tetraploid very ruffled deep wine self; yellow signal with white rays and a deep blue halo
Hail To The Chief $8.00 (Hollingworth 12) Ruffled bright red violet tetraploid with a creamy white blaze
Handsome Harry $6.00 (Bellagamba 05) Attractive medium wine with lighter standards and very light ruffled styles
Having Fun $12.00 (Bauer/Coble 05) 12-15 petals; hose in hose type, rose violet with lighter edges and blue lavender halos
Head Start $6.00 (Schafer/Sacks 11) Very early pale yellow


Heliotrope Bouquet Hello Yellow High Standards Hooked Again Hot Hot Hot
Heliotrope Bouquet $6.00 (Hollingworth 87) VE. Rose-violet, lighter S. & styles. White blaze signal with blue blush
Hello Yellow $10.00 (Hollingworth 99) Yellow bitone
High Standards $6.00 (Hollingworth 86) Tet. Tall (40-50"). Dark blue-purple; white &gold signals
Hooked Again $6.00 (Jim Copeland 06) Blue falls lighter toward edges, very light blue standards and styles
Hot Hot Hot $15.00 (Hollingworth 15) Early; 35". Floriferous ruffled blue violet to red violed; gold sunburst signal


How Audacious Humors Of Whiskey Imperial Opal Indy Jennasee
How Audacious $10.00 (Hollingworth 09) Tet. ML Bright rose, violet and yellow colors in a stunning flower.
Humors Of Whiskey Sold Out (Schafer/Sacks 07) Unusual new color of golden brown with pinky white standards and yellow styles
Imperial Opal $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) 12-20 petals.  Layered petals of lavender-pink with lite pink edges
Indy $6.00 (Hollingworth 85) VE. Red-violet; blue blush blaze
Jennasee $10.00 (Hollingworth 14) 3F.Ruffled lilac self with darker peppering. Lighter standards and white signal blaze


Jewelled Crown Jiggles Jolly Young Man Joyce Cole Jukebox
Jewelled Crown $6.00 (Hollingworth 85) Tet. 24". Very ruffled flaring deep wine-red; gold sunburst signal
Jiggles $6.00 (Bauer/Coble 00) Ruffled light blue with blue veins; white signal. Very full form
Jolly Young Man $10.00 (Schafer/Sacks 13) 29" M petals are shades of medium blue with a large white signal
Joyce Cole $8.00 (Cole 06) A late, very ruffled creamy white
Jukebox $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 05) Tet. Rose violet petals, shaded blue center, very wide light blue styles with turquoise midribs


Just Cruising Kabluey Kaboom Kiss The Girl Kita No Seiza
Just Cruising $8.00 (Schafer/Sacks 01) Ruffled yellow bitone (liter standards)
Kabluey $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 99) 18-27 petals! Dark blue-violet with white signals on falls. Hose-in-hose
Kaboom $8.00 (Bauer/Coble 01) Tet. 9-12+petals. Navy blue velvet with gold and white sunburst signals
Kiss The Girl $12.00 (Schafer/Sacks 04) Beautiful yellow bitone, falls having darker centers
Kita No Seiza $6.00 (Shidara 99) 6 fall double. Dark violet with large white signals. Violet styles



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