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Iris pseudacorus The water loving 'yellow flag' from Europe. 3 to 6'. Also does well in ordinary garden soil if you water regularly when needed. Can grow in shallow water.

Gubijin Jin Yu Krill    
Gubijin $10.00 (Shimizu) A special yellow I. pseudacorus: the mother of those wonderful pseudatas from Japan
Jin Yu $8.00 (Jill Copeland 06) I. maackii. Light yellow self.
Krill $6.00 (Jill Copeland 03) Light yellow with red stitched signal. Signa Founders Medal 08


Inter species crosses with I. pseudacorus  Grandchildren of the yellow flag, the ancestry is still mysterious. All are interesting flowers with fascinating line patterns in the petals.

Pseudatas: I. pseudacorus crossed with Japanese Iris (I. ensata)  These interesting flowers now have their own page. To view the page of Pseudatas, click on the title word of this paragraph.

Kinshiko, a pseudata


Iris versicolor / virginica. The native northern and southern 'blue flags' that grow in shallow water and along the edge of streams. Branched stems bloom at about 20-30" if grown well in moist, organic rich soil. Hybrids of the two are called robusta.

Asian Alliance Dark Aura For Jay    
Asian Alliance $6.00 (Horinaka/Witt 88) a versicolor x laevigata. 3F. 24". Falls medium red-violet; tall standards lighter red-violet; yellow spear signal
Dark Aura $6.00 (Hewitt 96) Robusta. 36". Large, dark red-violet blooms on black-purple stems! Purple foliage in spring!
For Jay $10.00 (Copeland 03) a robusta. 6- 8 buds. Violet stds, dk violet falls, yellow signal and white halo with purple veins



John Wood North To South Simply Cute Wooly Bully    
John Wood $6.00 (Wood 98) versicolor. Deep red-violet, gold and white signal; stems shaded purple
North To South $10.00 (Copeland, Jill 2020) Northern Iris setosa crossed with Southern Iris virginica ! Blue-violet flowers on 30" branched stalks.
Simply Cute $6.00 (Copeland, Jill 15) Short biversata of velvety red violet, white styles
Wooly Bully $6.00 (Jill Copeland 06) Robusta. Vigorous blue purple self, lighter standards, gold signal


Louisiana Iris:  
  Michigan Belle Michigan In Dallas  
Michigan Belle Sold Out (Jill Copeland 07) Nice violet Louisiana iris that does well in our zone 5 climate
Michigan In Dallas Sold Out (Jill Copeland 17) Louisiana Iris. 32" Deep blue purple self, striking yellow signals


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