New Hybrid for the Iris World

 Pseudata typical plant habit

Pseudatas: I. pseudacorus crossed with Japanese Iris (I. ensata) Great advances have recently been made in hybridizing Iris pseudacorus with Japanese iris in the pursuit of getting yellow pigment into a Japanese iris form. Yellow has been achieved and some fantastic Eye Shadow signal patterns emerged. These new pseudata iris are hardy to Zone 4 (maybe 3), vigorous growers, especially when grown in or near water (growing up to 5 tall) and adapt to garden conditions (growing up to 3 tall). They have 3-4 branches and 10-16 buds, clumps remain in bloom about 3 weeks once established. These new iris are sterile hybrids and will not spread into waterways.

Alabama Blue Fin Byakuya No Kumi French Buttercream Hatsuho Kinshikou
Alabama Blue Fin $30.00 (Jill Copeland 17) 3F. 38" M Cream with a navy blue halo
Byakuya No Kumi $8.00 (Shimizu 10) 3F. 37" EM. Cream, dark purple halo ("Land of the Midnight Sun")
French Buttercream $30.00 (Harris 16) 3F. 40" M Creamy white with broken red-violet signal area
Hatsuho $10.00 (Kamo) 3F. E. 25". Pale yellow with wine stitched signal; yellow foliage
Kinshikou $6.00 (Shimizu 04) 3F. 37" E. Very striking yellow with a rose overlay; deep maroon halo and veins ("Golden Monkey")


Kurokawa Noh Lawton Ridge Lemony Snicket Okagami Peach Melba Burst
Kurokawa Noh $10.00 (Shimizu 11) 3F. Striking mulberry red eye pattern on light rose falls; purple styles ("Black River Theater")
Lawton Ridge $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 40" M Light violet with darker edge and dark purple eye
Lemony Snicket $25.00 (Copeland, Jill 16) Tall (44") and very vigorous bright lemon yellow
Okagami $6.00 (Shimizu 08) 3F. 35" M. White, bright wine halo ("Big Mirror")
Peach Melba Burst $30.00 (Jill Copeland 18) 3F. 40" M-L Yellow, styles have darker midrib tipped pale violet, raspberry red halo


Phantom Island Roryu Ryugan Shirabyoshi Shirogai
Phantom Island $10.00 (Bauer/Coble 13) 36" M Ivory white with thin red edge around signal
Roryu $12.00 (Shimizu 11) 3F. 42" VE. Lemon with red signal and veins ("An Old Dragon")
Ryugan $12.00 (Shimizu 08) 3F. 33" VE. Light yellow, dark wine halo ("Dragon's Eye")
Shirabyoshi $12.00 (Shimizu 08) 3F. 33" E. White, bright red purple halo ("White Dancing Girl")
Shirogai $6.00 (NR) 32" M light yellow to white falls with a deep purple halo


Shiryukyo Sunadokei Takamagahara Take No Sato Tsukiyono
Shiryukyo $14.00 (Shimizu 08) 3F. 45" ML. Violet, dark red violet halo ("Valley of the Purple Dragon")
Sunadokei $12.00 (Shimizu by Warner 10) 3F. 40" M light yellow with a dark red violet signal and veins
Takamagahara $12.00 (Shimizu 10) 3F. 45" M. Light violet, purple halo ("Legendary Heaven")
Take No Sato $10.00 (Shimizu) 3F. 45" M. Violet, dark red violet veins and halo ("Bamboo Village")
Tsukiyono $10.00 (Shimizu) 3F. 45" M. Violet, purple halo and edge ("Moonlit Field")


Violet Swallows Yukiyanagi      
Violet Swallows $30.00 (Harris 16) 3 F 40" M Cream, fallls have light violet wedges, signal area is dark red violet
Yukiyanagi $6.00 (Shimizu 10) 3F. 48" E-L White, purple halo, long blooming ("Willow in the Snow")


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